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     Brandon Lee is an American journalist and has been recognized with multiple Emmy awards for his tireless reporting on the opioid crisis. He has done in-depth reporting on the rise of heroin use and its connection to prescription pain meds. Because of Brandon's reporting, Arizona lawmakers changed laws to make it legal to hand out clean needles to addicts in order to prevent the spread of HIV and Hep C. 

     Brandon is about to publish a book about his own experience with addiction. From his death bed after two near fatal overdoses to creating a successful career, his passion is to continue reporting and sharing people's stories, and to help addicts understand that they can turn their lives around if they have a desire to change.

     Brandon got sober on 2-22-2010. He hopes this podcast creates a safe place for people to talk about addiction.                Brandon will share his story about how he was able to find peace, faith, and serenity. 

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